Disability confidence and support

Apprenticeship solutions focused on disability confidence and support

Apprenticeships offer you a great opportunity to attract, and develop all talent as part of an inclusive workforce. Our partnership with Remploy offers a new and innovative approach to delivering apprentices for everyone.

Support for apprentices

Our programmes offer dedicated support for disabled apprentices and those with health conditions, including:

  • A simple online assessment to identify potential barriers to learning
  • Expert advice and support to identify and implement workplace adjustments
  • Access to funding to help support those with more complex needs
Support for apprentices

Apprenticeships for everyone

The benefits of an ‘inclusive’ workforce are well documented, and the same applies for apprenticeship programmes. We have extensive experience in helping attract, support and develop underrepresented groups in the workplace.

Apprenticeships for everyone

Building disability confidence

Our apprenticeships help to build disability confidence across your organisation, helping develop confident, capable future leaders in your business.

  • Our partnership with Remploy enables us to integrate disability awareness and confidence into our curriculum, giving access to specialist advice, guidance and resources