Health and wellbeing

Apprenticeship solutions focused on promoting positive health and wellbeing

Absenteeism and presenteeism costs the UK £73bn a year (ONS Data 2018). Our experience tells us that a greater focus on health and wellbeing can reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and the likelihood of progression in work.

Health and wellbeing support and expertise

Apprentices will have access to Revitalised’s ‘WellbeingZone’ platform through which they can access expert advice, guidance and resources. Our coaches have received training, and are supported through our partnership with Health Management, one of the UK’s leading occupational health providers to help learners stay healthy, happy and engaged throughout their learning lifecycle.

Health and wellbeing support and expertise

Building health and wellbeing capability

By integrating health and wellbeing into our curriculum, our apprenticeships build an understanding and appreciation of its importance in the context of work. This helps to build resilience at an individual level, and create advocates for healthier and more productive workforces.