Mental health support

Supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace

One in four people will experience a challenge around mental health in their working life. Maximus works with individuals, employers and government to deliver effective and personalised services.

Mental health matters

£42 billion

annual cost to UK employers through presenteeism, sickness absence and staff turnover


annual cost to the wider UK economy of poor mental health


of people at work have an existing mental health condition

Putting mental health first

Each year, Maximus supports tens of thousands of people to improve their mental health and wellbeing and live full and productive lives. Our services include:

Putting mental health first

Proven and effective support for employees

Available to employees with depression, anxiety, stress or other mental health issues. The service has supported thousands of people to stay in work by providing:

  • Tailored work-focused mental health support for nine months
  • Suitable coping strategies and practical advice
  • A support plan to keep them in, or return to work
  • Ideas for workplace adjustments to help employees fulfil their role

Innovative solutions to promote mental health and wellbeing

Our WellbeingZone online platform and app helps improve productivity and reduce absenteeism by providing information, tools and resources for a healthy and engaged workforce. 

Innovative solutions to promote mental health and wellbeing