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Creating a highly trained, resilient and diverse workforce

We are a leading provider of training and apprenticeships to employers across a wide variety of sectors.

Apprenticeship solutions that work for everyone

Our combined approach, delivering high quality, bespoke apprenticeship training along with wellbeing and lifestyle support, ensures you have a skilled workforce that can tackle any challenges your business may face.

Developing potential

The world of work is changing, creating ever-increasing challenges for employers wanting to maximise the skills of their workforce.

Our training is designed to be inclusive, offering additional learning support in areas such as mental and physical disability to ensure you can maximise the potential of all of your staff.

Developing potential

A solution that works for you

Our approach, built around our four key principles, allows us to tailor solutions that meet the needs of your business and learners. This approach will help the apprenticeship levy work for you and future-proof your business:

MAXIMUS Training have delivered an exemplary service. They have been flexible to our needs, often amending plans last minute and have given our co-workers first class support with their learning.

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Our apprenticeships

The apprenticeship standards and qualifications we offer span Leadership and Management, Business Administration and Customer Service, meaning they are suitable for a diverse range of employees, from the front line to senior managers. We’ll work with you to design a tailored training plan that aligns with your business dynamics.

  • Overview of our apprenticeships programmes

    We offer programmes that are suitable for first line employees right through to senior managers to develop meaningful skills that build long-term careers. This overview shows the selection of apprenticeship standards we cover which can be tailored to your business needs in customer service, business adminstration, leadership and management, HR, learning and development and quality improvement. 

  • Customer Service Practitioner – Level 2

    This standard provides the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for your employees to deliver high-quality products and services to diverse groups and achieve excellent customer satisfaction.

  • Customer Service Specialist – Level 3

    This standard provides the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for your employees to review and deliver high quality Customer Service practice within your organisation and how to improve the experience, retention and loyalty of your customers. Includes individual membership at professional level of the Institute of Customer Service.

  • Business Administrator – Level 3

    This standard provides your employees with the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to develop, implement, maintain and improve high functioning administrative services within your organisation.

  • Human Resources Support - Level 3

    This standard enables employees to develop their skills in managing day-to-day HR queries and advice, plus in HR processes such as recruitment, employee relations, performance and reward management. They can apply for Associate Membership of CIPD once they have completed their apprenticeship. 

  • Team Leader/Supervisor – Level 3

    This standard provides line managers with the effective skills, knowledge and behaviours required to lead diverse, high performing teams. Achievement of this standard provides the ability to have Chartered Team Leader/Supervisor status with the CMI (Chartered Management Institute). 

  • Learning Mentor – Level 3

    This standard is designed for employees who support learners to develop within a new work role. These may be learners of all ages and levels and could be apprentices, trainees or new recruits (ranging from young entrants to new CEOs) in the workplace, or any vocational learning environment. On completion, apprentices can progress further with their vocation specialism and/or onto a full teaching role within the organisation. 

  • Learning and Development Practitioner – Level 3

    This standard provides the skills, knowledge and behaviours for employees with expertise and competence in their specific field who are interested in delivering learning and training needs within the workplace. Achievement of this standard provides the ability to have Associate membership of CIPD.

  • Employability Practitioner – Level 4

    This standard provides the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to deliver exceptional frontline services to diverse customer groups within the employability sector and become an ‘employability professional’. The training includes the Employability Related Services Diploma and one year Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP) membership.

  • Improvement Practitioner – Level 4

    This standard teaches practitioners to blend lean and Six Sigma to be able to manage projects, implement change management principles and tools to deliver change across all major functions and processes. On completion of this apprenticeship, the practitioner will be able to run small projects and play a key supporting role in the continuous journey for the business. 

  • Assessor-Coach – Level 4

    This standard is for employees who coach and assess vocational learners, usually on a one-to-one basis, in a range of learning environments. Apprentices can progress into a full teaching role within an education/training organisation. 

  • Operations/Departmental Manager – Level 5

    This standard provides managers with the skills, knowledge and behaviours to manage teams and projects in line with a private, public or voluntary organisation's operational or departmental strategy. Achievement of this standard provides the ability to have Chartered Manager status with the CMI (Chartered Management Institute).

A trusted partner

We know that now more than ever there is a need for a training partner who can be trusted to unlock potential and provide expert advice on accessing the skills that every business needs to grow and succeed.

Listed on the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) Register of Apprenticeship training providers, our expertise is in employer-led training, skills development and apprenticeships will help you and your business to make the most of your greatest asset...your people. You can find out more about our ESFA partner fees and policy here.

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